Wilde about Oscar: His Genius on Stage and Film

The Picture of Dorian Gray , An Ideal Husband, and The Importance of Being Earnest

Four Thursdays, September 21 and 28, and October 5 and 12, 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. | Compass Bank Building, Second Floor, 2001 Kirby at San Felipe

* Oscar Wilde's life and work was integrally tied to that of a number of the creative geniuses who will be discussed in this semester's seminar "Confronting the Paradox." A tumultuous relationship with Aubrey Beardsley began when Wilde invited Beardsley to illustrate Salome. Evidence of that play's enduring appeal can be found in the recent stage production by Al Pacino and his planned documentary film about it. To watch a video of Pacino discussing the play, visit Oscar Wilde's Salome. Read about the stage and film projects in the Guardian article, "Unveiled: Pacino's unsated desire for the Wilde Salome."

In January, the first act of a new opera based on the life of Wilde premiered at the Granite State Opera. "At once flamboyant, introspective, comic, tragic and heroic, only the most comprehensive of all the performing arts can hope to capture Wilde's amazing life and personality." Listen at

Wilde heard John Ruskin lecture in Oxford and was inspired by him try to build a road through a swamp separating two villages. This experience, Wilde says in his 1882 American lecture, Art And The Handicraftsman, spurred him to create "an artistic movement that might change...the face of England." At the heart of that movement was William Morris. Other lectures given by Oscar Wilde during his 1882 tour in America can be found on the webpage Founders Of The Arts and Crafts Movement.


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